Dear Brothers and Sisters!

The Capital Metropolitan Government Peshawar is the custodian of Peshawar’s heritage, identity and public services aimed at serving citizens at its absolute best. The directorate of City District Government has made significant achievements in the recent past under the auspicious headship of Mayor Zubair Ali as per the vision envisaged by the provincial government putting a broader impact on the lifestyle, local economy and resilience. The Capital Metropolitan government is committed to tap its resources and potential in making lives better, citizens to have smart options, improvement of local economy, leisure and better urban mobility

Peshawar is proud to hold prominent structures of utter importance from cultural, educational and heritage perspectives while the Capital Metropolitan Government is investing on preservation and maintenance of such structures towards their old grace. Cities globally are going smart through introducing cutting edge and integrated solutions to service delivery and citizens’ feedback.  The concept of smart city solutions develops on the pervasive use of information technology in Urban environments to provide citizens with essential services. Keeping in view the importance of the above, the Capital Metropolitan Government Peshawar is launching “Smart Peshawar” aimed at smart sensing, intelligent parking and  traffic, remote surveillance and most of the services are being shifted to go online which will cater the needs of the citizens to access resources, services and information through user friendly integrated information management system.  The Capital Metropolitan Government has increased budgetary provisions for social development sector and youth programs. Special focus is being given to educational institutions under our administrative control, i.e. new buildings with improved capacity, hi-tech labs and  introduction of new degree programs. I hope that the days ahead will  significantly change the lives of local citizens..