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In line with the government policy of promoting education, City district government Peshawar has, since its establishment on 14th August 2001, set for itself the development of education, particularly the female education as a primary objective. The establishment of the City District Degree College for Women on 1st October 2002 is a major initiative towards the achievement of this objective.

Housed in the building of the former Peshawar Municipal Corporation office, in the heart of the city, the City District Government Degree College for Women can highly boast of all a the pre- requisite of a standard educational institution i.e. spacious premises, adequate classrooms, qualified staff, well equipped laboratories (science labs, psychology lab, Home Economics Lab & computer lab), a proposed well stocked library and above all enviable location on the main G.T.Road Peshawar.

Therefore it is not astonishing that the opening of the college received over whelming response from the city dwellers and more than 200 students were admitted in the first academic session of the college. After 15 years of its establishment, the strength of students in the college has boosted up to 1100.
Affiliated with the B.I.S.E. Peshawar for intermediate programme and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar for degree programme, the college has great potential to grow into premier institution for learning. We thank all the parents for reposing confidence in us .We are greatly encouraged by their patronage and feel strengthened to renew our commitment to work harder and live up to their expectations.

Principal message

It is a great honour for me that City Distt. Govt. Degree College for Women Peshawar working under City District Government Peshawar is the source of providing quality education and good moral training to the students. The college has experienced and efficient teaching staff who under my supervision and guidance, cooperates with me in curricular activities, co-curricular activities and in keeping the environment peaceful.
My objective is to focus on the students’s Progress to show Prominent academic results in Annual Examinations and to compete with the students of other well reputed educational institutions, and also try my best for character building of the students by inculcating in them Islamic values, confidence and zeal for education and sports. It is also our aim that after obtaining education and moral development from the college, they play an important role in their practical life, and in the national development of the country.

Our vision is to achieve academic excellence of City Distt. Govt. Degree College for Women Peshawar with the full support of City District Government Peshawar that it becomes one of the leading colleges.

Ms. Nighat Shaheen
City Distt. Govt. Degree College
for Women Peshawar



English, Urdu, Islamic Education and Pak Study are compulsory subjects

1. HUMANITIES GROUP (Number of seats=170)
The candidates of humanities group required to select one subject from each of the following groups.

GROUP A History/ Psychology / Economics/ Health & Physical Education
GROUP B Islamic Studies / Mathematics /Civics
GROUP C Urdu Advance/ Statistics/ Out line of Home Economics

2. PRE-MEDICAL GROUP (Number of seats=100)

Physics, Chemistry, Biology

3. PRE-ENGINEERING GROUP (Number of seats=20)

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,

4. COMPUTER SCIENCE GROUP (Number of seats=30)

Statistics/Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics

5. GENERAL SCIENCE GROUP(seats are included in humanities group)
Statistics, Mathematics, Economics
Eligibility: Metric with Science and Elective Mathematics.


English, Islamic Education, Pakistan Studies are compulsory subjects for degree courses. The candidates are required to select any one of the following groups.

1. HUMANITIES GROUP: (Number of seats=180)

The candidates are required to select any two subjects from the following groups.
GROUP A : Psychology /Economics / Law/History
GROUP B : Urdu Advance /Statistics /English Advance
GROUP C: Mathematics /Political Science/Islamic Studies


(Number of seats for pure science are 50 and number of seats for computer Science are 30)
The candidates are required to select one of the following groups of their own choice

GROUP A Zoology/Botany/Chemistry.
GROUP B Physics /Maths-A/ Maths-B
GROUP C Physics/Maths-A/Statistics
GROUP D Maths-A/Maths-B/Statistics
GROUP E Computer Science / Maths-A/Statistics
GROUP F Computer Science/ Maths-A/Physics
GROUP G Computer Science/ Maths-A/ Maths- B
GROUP H Environmental Science/Botany/Zoology

3. PHYSICAL SCIENCE GROUP (seats are included in pure science group)
The candidates are required to select one of the following groups of their own choice

GROUP A Maths A/Maths B/English
GROUP B Maths A/Statistics/English

The college is offering BS Program in following disciplines

1. Chemistry
2. Psychology
3. Urdu
4. Botany

1: The College offers admission on open merit to all female candidates who have passed the required examination.
2: Application for admission must be submitted on the prescribed forms, contained in the college prospectus, within ten days of the declaration of result.
3: Candidates who submit application after the due date or fail to appear for interview on the notified date, without prior information, cannot claim the right of admission.
4: An application will be considered complete only when the photocopies of the following documents are attached: –
a. Provisional Certificate (attested)
b. Character Certificate from the head of the institution last attended (attested)
c. Detailed Marks Certificate (attested)
d. i) Migration Certificate (in original) if passed from any Board other than Peshawar.(for admission in 1st year)
ii) Migration Certificate (in original) if passed from any Board other than
Peshawar.(for admission in 3rd year)
e. An undertaking on stamp paper of Rs.20/- by the student and her guardian, duly attested by an authorized person.
f. Domicile Certificate (attested)
g. Attested photocopy of father/guardian identity card.

Note:- Any application failing to provide the above mentioned documents will not be entertained.

5: The application along with all the above-mentioned documents received by the college office will be entered in a register and a serial number will be allotted to it, which will serve as reference for all future actions on the application.
6: A receipt will be issued after submission of forms.
7: The candidate, along with the original copies of all the above-mentioned certificates, must appear before the admission committee on the notified date.
8: The Principal will constitute an admission committee consisting of senior members of the staff, who will check and verify the entries made by the students in the application form and will recommend for admission purely on the basis of merit.
9: The Principal may keep 10% of the total number of seats vacant for 15 days for
meritorious students who do not turn up for admission with in the given admission date due to unavoidable circumstances.
10. 5% of the total admissions will be granted on the sports basis.
11: The students who have failed in one or more than one subjects in S.S.C. examination
will not be admitted in first year in any group.
12: Students placed in compartment will not be allowed to take admission in degree classes.
13: Candidates are advised to apply separately for different faculties for which they will get separate forms. No admission forms, under any circumstances will be considered for any faculty or category, except for the one for which it is filled in by the candidates.

14: No change of faculty/group/course of studies is permissible after admission to the one applied for. However change of subject within a given course of studies is allowed within 15 days of the closing date of admission, similarly a section once allotted to the students will not be changed.
15: The students will abide by the status rules and regulations promulgated from time to time by the B.I.S.E., Peshawar or the university with regard to their circular, co circular and disciplinary matters. They will, however, for all practical purposes, be governed by rules and directions issued by the Principal.
16: The admission committee in accordance with policy laid down in each case will determine the criteria for admission and its decision in the matter will be final.

17: The upper age limit of admission will be as under,
a) 17 years for admission to 1st year class, 19 years for 3rd year.
b) The Principal may recommended genuine cases for relaxation of age limit to the Director Coordination giving him reasons for such recommendations after giving provisional admissions to such students if otherwise eligible.
18: The admission dues should be paid immediately after the selection. Delay in payment may lead to cancellation of admission.
19: Provisional admission is not allowed in the college.
20: Students who have passed in the supplementary examination will not be eligible for admission in the same academic year.
21: If the student applies for one-year late admission then she shall produce an affidavit to the office with cogent reason that she has not taken admission in any college previously and that she is availing the opportunity for admission to our college for the first time.
22: Students who have failed in any class or have not appeared in the annual B.I.S.E. or University examination or have discontinued their studies will not be allowed readmission under any circumstances.
23: Candidates once admitted in the college cannot claim a refund of their dues and tuition fee. Only the security deposited is refundable.
24: Students who possess the domicile of Peshawar will be given preference in the admission. The students possessing the domicile of other districts will be considered only if they reside in Peshawar and are A-grade holders.
25: Migration of the students from other institutions will be entertained as per government rules.
26: The admissions will be cancelled in following cases.

a) If any information given by the student in her admission form is found to be incorrect at any stage.
b) If a student fails to attend classes within a week of the commencement of the session.
c) If she is found to be a habitual, agitator or problem creator or has been expelled/struck off on disciplinary grounds.
27: Any change in admission rules made by the government of N.W.F.P. or higher authority will be applicable
28: A college level student if gets her admission cancelled within one (01) month of admission notification may be refunded the tuition fee if deposited in full with the retention of security fee and other administrative charges already levied during admission in the college.
29. Admission in Computer Science in 3rd year is restricted to those students who have passed their pre-engineering exam and General Science Exam in first division. Only those students of B.A/B.Sc can take Maths -A or Maths -B who have passed Maths as an elective subject at the intermediate level.


1. Ms. Nighat Shaheen M.Sc Physics, M.Ed Principal

2. Ms. Umtul Ayesha M.A. English (M.Phil in progress) Vice Principal

Department of English
1. Ms. Nadia Ayub M.A. English(M.Phil in progress) Lecturer

2. Ms.Neelam Manzoor M.A. English Lecturer
3. Ms.Gul-e-Rana M.A. English Lecturer

Department of Urdu

1. Ms. Najma Shafiq M.A. Urdu (M.Phil in progress)
2. Ms. Asma Khaleeq M.A. Urdu,B.Ed Lecturer
3. Ms. Mussarat Begum M.A. Urdu, B.Ed Lecturer
4. Ms. Jamila Naz M.A. Urdu, B.Ed (M.Phil in progress) Lecturer

Department of Islamiat
1.Ms.Shakra-tur-Rashid M.A. Islamiat ,M.Ed Lecturer
2.Ms.Nadia Yasmeen M.A Islamiat,B.Ed Lecturer
3. Ms.Nadia Yaqoob M.A Islamiat,B.Ed Lecturer

Department of Pak.Studies
1.Ms.Shama Malik M.Sc Pak studies Lecturer

Department of Botany
1.Ms.Rehana Nazir M.Sc. Botany Lecturer (P.hd in progress)
2.Ms.Naeema Begum M.Sc Botany,B.Ed Lecturer

Department of Zoology
1.Ms.Nazia M.Sc. Zoology Lecturer

Department of Physics
1.Ms.Ghazala Shafiq M.Sc. Physics Lecturer
2.Ms.Shaista Sajjad M.Sc. Physics Lecturer
3.Ms.Uzma Gul M.Sc Physics Lecturer
Department of Chemistry
1:Ms.Samina Rehman M.Sc Environmental Sciences Lecturer
M-Phil Chemistry in Progress

2:Ms.Raheela Mukhtar M.Sc Chemistry Lecturer
3.Ms.Sadia Asif M.Sc Chemistry Lecturer
Department of Mathematics
1.Ms.Josiphene Kurshid M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed Lecturer
2.Ms.Sidra Gul M.Sc.Maths Lecturer
3.Ms.Hira Tariq M.Sc.Maths Lecturer

Department of Computer Science
1. Ms. Salma Rana M.Sc.Computer Science Lecturer
2. Ms. Rehana Khurshid M.Sc.Computer Science, B.Ed Lecturer

Department of Statistics
1. Ms.Farzana Gul M.Sc.Statistics,M.Ed Lecturer

2. Ms.Shehla Bibi M.Sc.Statistics,B.Ed Lecturer
Department of Environmental Sciences

1.Ms. Saba shoukat BS.Enviromental Sciences Lecturer
(Gold medalist)
MS Enviromental Geosciences
PhD in progress

Department of Psychology
1.Ms.Zubaida Khan M.Sc Pcychology,M.Ed, Lecturer

Department of Political Science
1.Azmat Samina M.A Political Science, B.Ed Lecturer

Department of Economics
1:Ms.Nadia Dilawar M.A.Economics, M.Ed. Lecturer

Department of Home Economics
1. Ms.Huma Zeb M.Sc Home Economics Lecturer
Department of Law
1.Ms.Tamkeen Qazi LLB,MA Internatioal Relations Lecturer

Department of Health & Physical Education
1. Ms.Gul Sanabar M.Sc(H.P.E) Gold Medalist Lecturer

Department of History
1. Ms.Saima Nigar M.A History (2nd Position) Lecturer

1.Ms.Ghazala Yasmeen M.A Library Information Science Librarian


a. At the time of admission
1) Admission Fee Rs. 7000/- P.A
2) Previous Six months Fee (May to Oct) Rs. 6000/- P.A
3) Computer Fee Rs. 3000/- P.A
3) Examination Fee Rs. 500/- P.A
4) Annual Fund Rs. 1000/- P.A
5) Annual Promotion Fee Rs. 1000/-
TOTAL Rs.18500 /-
b Tuition Fee for the rest of six months @ Rs. 1500/- P.M


1) Admission fee of B.A/B.Sc Part I, F.A/F.Sc Part I must be deposited in full within 24 hours of interview, otherwise admission will be cancelled.
2) Admission fee of B.A/B.Sc Part II, F.A/F.Sc Part II must be submitted within one month of declaration of their result, otherwise their admission will be cancelled
3) Tuition fee & admission fee once paid will not be refundable.
4) The security deposited shall stand lapsed in favour of the college after one year of declaration of final examination results.
4) No student will be allowed to appear in the college or Board/University examination without the clearance of all outstanding dues/fee/fine.


The college uniform consists of white shirt & shalwar with white dupatta.
Black socks and black flat heel leather plain shoes (high heel and fancy shoes will not be allowed in any case).
Black sweaters and blazers in winter.


Co-curricular activities are very important for developing the creative abilities of the students and grooming their personalities. Keeping in view this fact, the college arranges different activities such as sports, debates, speeches, funfair and other functions under the auspices of English, Urdu, Islamic, Scientific, Sports, Red Crescent and Dramatic societies. Besides this, a Social Work Programme is also conducted, where the students are provided useful training, to inculcate the dignity of labour in them. Study tours and excursions are also arranged for the students by the college.

All these religious, cultural, literary and other activities help the students to gain valuable knowledge /experience to groom their personalities.


1) There shall be a college proctorial board comprising of chief proctor (staff member) and its members (students) who will be responsible for maintaining discipline and implementing rules in the college.
2) No student will be allowed to disfigure or damage the college or private property.
3) Leaving college campus without permission, before closure time is forbidden.
4) Students will use proper college uniform, and will wear a chaddar, when going outside of college.
5) Any kind of camera, mobiles and valuable are not allowed.

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