The Capital Metropolitan Government of Peshawar aims to provide cutting-edge and fringe development prospects including tranquil Metropolitan lifestyle, better sanitation, recreational spaces, health, and transportation, improvement of local economy and preservation of indigenous heritage remain the core priorities., strongly believe in a direct citizen’s participation in decision-making with particular focus on youth who produce innovative ideas which are crucial for achieving these benchmarks and this is what The Capital Metropolitan Government aims to foster

Nature has bestowed Peshawar with numerous potential while the Capital Metropolitan Government Peshawar will make every effort in collaboration with the provincial government to provide an enabling environment for taping the resources available, investment and facilitation of business to improve the local economy. The Capital Metropolitan Government is partnering with various government and non-governmental organizations paving way for Smart Peshawar program the council has envisioned.

The Capital Metropolitan Government Peshawar will leave no stone unturned in achieving its benchmarks in a way it serves the citizens in a most accomplished fashion